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Choosing a Realtor

With allof the unique options, opportunities and potential pitfalls in purchasing a home, it is important to get an experienced Real Estate Broker on your side. They will be your guide on your path to homeownership. Not only will they guide you to the best home for you they will also help you avoid the many pitfalls and roadblocks, making sure that you remain unharmed along the way. Good news, as a buyer, you don’t have to pay your broker’s commission for them to work on your behalf! In Colorado, the seller customarily pays for the commissions of both the listing and buyer’s agents. It is important to discuss with your realtor about “Buyer Agency” to ensure you have an agent that will advise and advocate for your best interest. Experience is crucial. Your agent’s experience can help you win an offer on your home when competing with less experienced agents. This valuable experience will also protect you from losing your earnest money or purchasing a property that could be a money pit. I have personally helped more than 500 individuals and families purchase or sell a home. With each transaction, different situations have arisen, and I have gained experience to navigate the unexpected.

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