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Choosing a Home & Making an Offer

View homes and select THE ONE

The key to looking at homes is to narrow down your top five “must haves,” then list your “would be nice to have” bonus features, for example:

  1. Top five: Price, 3 bedrooms, garage, yard for Fido, and no more than a 15-minute drive to work
  2. Bonus features: Bungalow style, close to a park, southern exposure of kitchen window, etc.

As you look at homes and become familiar with what is available in your price range, you may need to reprioritize your list. Sometimes finding a home feels like aiming at a moving target, but we are here to help you keep aiming toward your new home, regardless of the changing variables.

Online websites provide a great place to see what is available on the market. Make sure to use our powerful search tool (click here), which is updated to the minute so you won’t waste your time browsing homes that are already under contract.

Make an offer and negotiate with the seller

To make an offer, Realtors use standard contract forms, approved by the Colorado Real Estate Commission. Your agent will help you write the offer so that it clearly dictates the terms that are the most beneficial to you, such as: purchase price, closing costs paid by the seller on the buyer’s behalf, closing date, etc.

We will work on your behalf to extract as much information from the listing agent about the seller as possible and use it to your advantage. We will utilize our experience and implement tactful strategies to get the best deal possible for you.

When the seller receives the offer, they can either reject, counter or accept your offer. Successive counter-offers can occur before a final agreement is reached. We will guide you through the process.

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