What Type of Real Estate Investment is Right for You?

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Real estate investing entices the savviest of personal equity capitalists – and for good reason. Homes hold their value and provide a wide variety of investment opportunities for those who put in the leg work, but which type of real estate investment is worth your valuable time, money, and effort? Use this guide to help you hone your approach to real estate investing. You’ll see the requirements for each investment category, including necessary equity, required credit score, and estimated time commitment.

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Requirement Charts

Carefully consider your current financial, credit, and available time situations before selecting a form of real estate investments. The Charts below can assist you in identifying your ideal first step into the real estate investment world.

Down payment chart 1024x476 What Type of Real Estate Investment is Right for You?

Required Time Chart 1024x612 What Type of Real Estate Investment is Right for You?CREDIT Score chart 1024x565 What Type of Real Estate Investment is Right for You?

Real Estate Investment Categories

Type of Real estate investment 300x186 What Type of Real Estate Investment is Right for You?

Rental Condo or Rental Home

Most landlords begin their investment careers by purchasing a rental condo or home, then lease the residential property to tenants on 6-12 month lease-terms.

Small Apartment Building (2-4 Units)

After getting your feet wet with individual condos or homes, you may want to jump into the pool by purchasing a duplex, triplex, or quad. It goes without saying that the investment will be higher for a purchase like this, but the cash flow is sure to flow more freely.

Large Apartment Building (5+ Units)

Buildings with 5 or more units are considered commercial properties and require hefty down payments and healthy credit scores. However, economics of scale often provide the means to hire a property manager, minimizing the investor’s time commitment in such a project and optimizing profit.

Fix and Flips

You find a fixer-upper, fix it up, then sell it for the largest profit possible. The “fixing” process can range from cosmetic updates to “down to the studs” remodels.

Conversion of Apartments into Condos

This option provides tax advantages as compared to fix and flips and often offers impressive financial returns. You purchase an apartment building, renovate it, then sell each unit as a condominium.

Scrapes, Pops and New Construction

Purchasing a small home within an affluent community can have its financial advantages. A small home may have square footage added (via horizontal expansion or a pop-top project) or could be bulldozed to create room for a new home.


If you don’t have much equity to invest as a down payment, and/or if your credit power is limited, assignments could be your foot in the door of real estate investing. What you will need is charisma and sales skills – you’ll rely on an investor to foot the bill for an investment contract sourced by you. You get paid for doing the groundwork and the investor you’re working with makes a solid real estate investment through little to no time investment.

For more information about investment opportunities by neighborhood, download our free price change map HERE.

*This blog is an adaptation of a chapter from The Practical Guide to Colorado Real Estate Investing by Lon Welsh, Charles Roberts, Greg Parham, Tony Girard, and Joe Massey. The entire Ebook can be dowloaded for free by clicking HERE!

*Read the original post here.


Bungalows versus Ranch Homes

Whether you are watching HGTV, or looking to buy a house you may have heard of the term ranch or bungalow. Whatever the case may be some terms for homes can be confusing. This blog post will help you tell the difference between the two.

The Bungalow:

                The bungalow is typically square in shape and only made up of one story. The largest room is typically the living room and it will consist of small windows and the sleeping rooms leading off the main room. The kitchen will typically be towards the back of the home. Bungalows will also be detached homes with no garage. It is said that the bungalow became popular in the early 1900s and that the first American bungalows were built in the Northeast. Many believe that bungalows can be easier to care for as well as more private then most homes.

In the Denver metro area there are many bungalow homes in neighborhoods like Washington Park, Berkeley, Sloan’s Lake and City Park. To modernize bungalows, many contractors are opening up the wall between the living room and kitchen to make the floor plan a more open concept. They are also constructing detached garages.

The Ranch:1070 S Newark St - Front #2

                Ranch homes are typically rectangular in shape with a more elongated floor plan. The sleeping rooms are set further from the main living room area. There are typically more windows then there are in a bungalow and they are usually larger as well. Ranches can also include an attached garage in the floor plan as well as vaulted ceilings which bungalows do not include. Ranch homes can provide more interior space and can be more convenient for larger families. The first ranch homes were said to be built in California around the 1930’s and became popular in the 1950’s.

In the end it all depends on what you are looking for in a home. Both bungalows and ranches have great things to offer in a home. They are both convenient in the sense that there are no stairs which make them both very accessible. Many can have basements for additional living space. They can also both be found in a variety of different prices ranges throughout the Denver Metro Area depending on the neighborhood. If you are interested in buying a or selling a ranch home or bungalow I can help, call me at 303-912-3320


5 Tips to Becoming a Successful Homebuyer

In today’s competitive seller’s market, homes are selling in a matter of days. In a large number of cases they come on the market and get 4-8 offers within hours.  As a seller this is a dream come true, but what about buyers? It can be very frustrating. How can a buyer win the home they like in today’s market? Here are some tips you might find helpful in becoming a successful home buyer.you-are-pre-approved

1. Be pre-approved not just pre-qualified:

To be prequalified you will need to talk with a lender, run your credit and give the lender a verbal account of your income and expenses. The lender will tell you an estimate of the amount of home you can afford given the information you have provided. Taking the next step to be pre-approved will make you a much stronger buyer. To be fully preapproved you will need to turn in all of your financial documents, such as your pay stubs, tax returns and bank statements. The lender will not only review them, they will also send the documents to the underwriter who makes the final decision on whether or not the loan will go through. With the underwriter’s approval you are a very strong buyer. Often your loan will be able to close sooner if you have already completed this step, which is an additional bonus.

2. Be flexible on the closing date.

Some sellers will need to find their replacement home. If you arclose-on-home-pice willing and able to let the seller remain in possession a week or two after closing they aren’t as pressured to move out immediately after closing. Another option is to allow the seller to rent back from you for a month until they can purchase their new home.

3. Have reserves to pay your own closing costs.

You can also talk with your lender about rolling the costs into the structure of the loan. With so many competing offers, sellers are not as quick to pay closing costs as they were a few years ago. Closing costs can be $4,500 to 3% of the purchase price. If you have your own funds, great! If not, there can be ways around it. Sometimes your lender can raise the interest rate by a 1/8 of a percent and roll your closings costs into the structure of the loan. This may not be an option for allsavings pig buyers so make sure to talk with your lender to see if it would be beneficial to you.

4. Be quick on the draw!

The good homes are selling so quickly you need to be flexible in your schedule to view homes the same day they come on the market. If you see a home for sale on Thursday, there is a good chance it may not be available when you have a day off of work on Saturday. Talk with your boss about your process of buying a house and ask if they can be flexible to allow you to have an extended lunch and make up the time by staying late. It might make all of the difference.

5. Don’t get discouraged.

You may have to submit offers on several homes before we win the contract. With patience and persistence it will eventually all work out.

Partnering with a lender and Realtor who are experienced, work full time in the profession, and who put your needs first is key!

If you would like more information on how we are successful in winning homes for our buyers please give me a call, 303-912-3320.


5 Steps To Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

Do you ever ask yourself- wait when does spring cleaning start? Before, during or after spring? Well no one may know the true answer to that question, but it is a good idea to prepare your home both inside and out for the spring weather and that is undoubtedly on it’s way. Here are five simple steps you can take to get you and your home ready for spring!

Step 1: Plant the garden!

This one is all about creativity! Plant some flowers or vegetables- put your green thumb to work! Plants can hide unsightly things in the yard like air conditioning units and electrical posts.  So make sure to plan ahead before you plant.

Step 2: Spruce up your doors

Walk outside and take a good look at your front door (remember my post about red front doors?) Is it time to take that leap and paint that front door that fun color you have been thinking about? A splash of color on your front door can completely lven up your whole house- go ahead- paint (or stain) your door, live a little!

Step 3: Repair your walkways

This could mean replacing any pavers, filling in any rocks, replacing any loose bricks etc. Rain and snow tend to take a toll on all kinds of outdoor materials you could be using. Broken walkways can also be dangerous.

Step 4: Change your outdoor light bulbs

It is easy to forget this; you may not have been spending too much time on the porch or on your deck. Go ahead and take a loop around the house and see if any of those bulbs have burned out and need to be replaced.  You may want to look into changing them out for energy efficient bulbs while you are at it.

Step 5: Clean and freshen up

Make sure to give your outdoor furniture a good washing. Think about repurposing anything that has gotten some wear and tear. There is a lot that a fresh coat of stain and paint can do. You can check out my Pinterest page for a ton of ideas on repurposing outdoor furniture as well!

If you have any great tips or ideas for around the house, email me at mperez@monicaperezre.com so I can share them on my blog!


What is a HUD home?

It is no secret that real estate terms can be confusing! If you ever wondered what a HUD home is or what HUD stands for or means this video will help you understand.

If you are looking for a home and happen to fall in love with a HUD home, don’t worry. We at the Monica Perez Real Estate Team can help you understand the process of bidding on the home and getting you into the home you love!

Call us for more information: 303-912-3320


Cinco pasos para ayudar vendedores de casa

En este video Monica le dará cinco sencillos pasos para hacer que el proceso de venta sea mucho más fácil.

Si usted está pensando en vender su casa, llame al equipo de Bienes Raices de Mónica Pérez- (303) 912-3320


Five simple steps to selling your home

The process to begin selling your home can sometimes seem a little intimidating. This video will walk you through five simple steps that can help make the process a little easier to handle.

If you are thinking about selling your home or have already begun the process and need help, call the Monica Perez Real Estate Team at (720)985-2065


Five Simple Steps to Becoming a First Time Homebuyer

A lot of times people think that buying their first home is way out of reach. In the video below Monica will share the five steps to get you on the right track to becoming a First Time Homebuyer. By following the steps outlined below you could be in your first home before you know it.

If you have any questions about the video or if you feel you are ready to buy your first home Contact Monica: 303-912-3320


¿No tienes planes para el resto del mes? Ahora si!

Se acabaron las vacaciones y ahora es tiempo para relajarse… o no?

Aquí hay algunos eventos que están sucediendo alrededor de la ciudad que se pueden asistir sin romper el banco!


1388261316261_922013-705-134328El National Western Stock Show está de regreso y estará desde el 11 de enero hasta el día 26. El evento se llevará a cabo en el National Western Complex 4655 Humboldt St Denver, CO 80216. Usted puede ver el espectáculo de caballos, rodeo, hacer algunas compras y no se olvide de llegar los niños montar los cordero

Para información sobre las entradas visite: http://www.nationalwestern.com/


The Catalyst : Colorado Sculpture sigue hasta el 12 de enero en el Denver Botanical Gardens. No te pierdas de ver 12 escultores de Colorado que representan el arte en 3D en una variedad de diferentes colores y texturas.

Para mas información visite: http://www.denver.org/events/organizations/detail?o=2803&t=kids_families


El 13 de enero 2014 se puede disfrutar de un día libre en el Museo de Denver de Naturaleza y Ciencia. El museo está abierto desde las 9:00 am hasta las 5:00 pm. El museo está ubicado en 2001 Colorado Boulevard Denver , CO 80205

Para más información visite: http://www.dmns.org/about-us/scfd-free-days/

Usted puede tomar un paseo por los recuerdos y los niños lo disfrutaran también.

3222013-705-182130-0Willy Wonka – la adaptación teatral de Roald Dahl se presentara del 23 de enero al día 26 en El Colorado Heights Theater, que queda en 3001 South Federal bulevar Denver , CO 80236 .

Las entradas se pueden comprar en la puerta para ver el famoso vendedor de caramelos tratar de encontrar el reemplazo perfecto para encargarse de su tienda de dulces.

Para más información visite:http://www.denver.org/events/detail?e=18076&t=theatre

Arvada tiene un mercado (bajo techo)  de invierno de enero a mayo cada cuarto domingo en Olde Towne Arvada de 10am- 2pm. En el mercado se pueden encontrar todos tipos de proveedores que van desde artesanías hechas a mano hasta pasteles.

Para más información visite:http://arvadafarmersmarket.com/

Así que a pesar de que se acabaron las vacaciones y todos nos estamos acostumbrando al  ritmo de las cosas, no significa que tengamos que dejar de disfrutar. El área metropolitana de Denver siempre tiene una gran cantidad de eventos para ofrecer a usted y su familia. Salga y vea las actividades que están pasando en su ciudad o pueblo. Si usted sabe de cualquier evento que le gustaría compartir mándeme un correo electrónico- Me encantaría publicarlos aquí en mi website!


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