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Understand the Market

Understand the Market
As a seller, it is crucial to be informed about the current market trends in your neighborhood because they will directly affect the sale of your home. On most websites that talk about the market, you will find data on the Real Estate Market of the entire country. While themacroeconomics do play a factor into the market, the microeconomics of your neighborhood are the most influential in your sale. I specialize in the local market trends and will provide valuable information specific on your neighborhood. The Denver Metro area Average Home price increased 4% last quarter, compared to this time last year, however, your neighborhood may be stronger.

For information on your specific neighborhood, email me with your address and I will compile the data specifically for you.

The data points include the following:

  • The average home sales price
  • The increase or decrease in value over the past year
  • The absorption rates
  • The number of showings per active listing
  • The months of inventory
  • The average sales concessions offeredand more.

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