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Seller’s Market?

What does the real estate landscape look like for seller’s these days? Well, let’s review the facts:

  1. Metro Denver home prices are up a whopping 10% in the past year.
  2. The inventory of homes on the market is the lowest in 13 years.
  3. The number of homes under contract is up 25% over this time last year.
  4. The average Days on Market for a home is down 28% in the past year.

Add it all up and you get the best seller’s market in a decade. So then, how are sellers reacting to this market? Exactly the same way you would. They are hiking prices, testing the limits of the market, and pushing the envelope. Call me if you want to discuss what your home is worth in this new seller’s market!

Denver Metro Average Home Price as of May 2012

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