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Keeping a show ready home in five easy steps

If you are planning to sell your home you are probably worried about keeping the house clean at all times. You are making sure that all the toys, clothes, sports equipment etc. are put away. You have to be ready for a showing at the drop of a dime. It is, after all, the life of someone who is trying to sell their home. Below are a few tips to keep in mind that may make the process a little easier to handle.Doubleheader St.

1. Clean as you go!

     Instead of cooking and walking away or doing crafts and walking away, clean up after yourself. I know this seems basic and like common sense but a lot of times we lose track of time and we end up rushing around cleaning the stove and the sink right before a showing. Once you are done getting ready in the morning, stop take a look around the room- is the bed made? Are your clothes put away? If so, great, if not walk back in and take that extra second to pick things up. Make this a habit when leaving each room in your house, it will reduce the time you will spend cleaning before each showing.

     I put this as number one because I believe this to be the most important step of all. Often this step will call for making new home habits but when it comes down to the realtor calling at 4:30 for a showing at 5:30 you will be much more at ease. Cleaning as you go throughout the day really will make all the difference in keeping your house “show ready.” 


2. Ask for help

     Sometimes you need the eyes of others to see if anything looks “funny” or “unpleasant” You may not notice a towel or random sock in a certain room. Maybe your style of decorating is not the most neutral option and could deter a potential buyer. The more neutral, clean and de-cluttered your home is the more it will attract a larger group of buyers. This will give buyers the opportunity to imagine their things in the home.


3. Make a list     

     Write down what needs to be checked every time someone is about to come by to look at the house.

     Are the bathrooms clean?

     Is there anything left in the kitchen sink?

     Are the beds made?

     When you are in a rush you can go down the list and check off as you get things done to really make sure everything is ready. Having a checklist will keep you organized, less stressed and will help you get things done quickly.


Doubleheader St4. Downsize

     Donate or throw away any toys, clothes, kitchen items that you may not need after the move to your new home. Moving is the perfect time to downsize. You know those pair of jeans in the back of the closet you haven’t seen in months? It is ok to donate them. The toys the kids have outgrown, someone else will get great use out of them. This step will help you with step number 1! Less items to clean up as you go!


5. Stay Calm

     When in doubt- hide it. No one is perfect, this is in fact your home and odds are you are still living in it. If you can clean the house, get the kids out the door, the pets in the back and still make the house look presentable you have won! Staying calm can most of the time be easier said than done but take a few deep breaths and follow the few easy steps laid out above.


Remember, staging your home and keeping it clean really will make a big difference to potential buyers. You will be selling your house before you know it!

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