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5 Steps To Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

Do you ever ask yourself- wait when does spring cleaning start? Before, during or after spring? Well no one may know the true answer to that question, but it is a good idea to prepare your home both inside and out for the spring weather and that is undoubtedly on it’s way. Here are five simple steps you can take to get you and your home ready for spring!

Step 1: Plant the garden!

This one is all about creativity! Plant some flowers or vegetables- put your green thumb to work! Plants can hide unsightly things in the yard like air conditioning units and electrical posts.  So make sure to plan ahead before you plant.

Step 2: Spruce up your doors

Walk outside and take a good look at your front door (remember my post about red front doors?) Is it time to take that leap and paint that front door that fun color you have been thinking about? A splash of color on your front door can completely lven up your whole house- go ahead- paint (or stain) your door, live a little!

Step 3: Repair your walkways

This could mean replacing any pavers, filling in any rocks, replacing any loose bricks etc. Rain and snow tend to take a toll on all kinds of outdoor materials you could be using. Broken walkways can also be dangerous.

Step 4: Change your outdoor light bulbs

It is easy to forget this; you may not have been spending too much time on the porch or on your deck. Go ahead and take a loop around the house and see if any of those bulbs have burned out and need to be replaced.  You may want to look into changing them out for energy efficient bulbs while you are at it.

Step 5: Clean and freshen up

Make sure to give your outdoor furniture a good washing. Think about repurposing anything that has gotten some wear and tear. There is a lot that a fresh coat of stain and paint can do. You can check out my Pinterest page for a ton of ideas on repurposing outdoor furniture as well!

If you have any great tips or ideas for around the house, email me at so I can share them on my blog!

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